Senin, 22 Juli 2013

Rain(bow) part 2

Ohayo Gozaimasu minnasan...

I know that today is not rainy but i want to continue 'bout my previous entry --->> Rain(bow) 
yep! i want to show you some details of that outfit.. just check it out guys

They are the contributor of my post :DDD

El mondo 100% made in INDONESIA

lonenly umbrella :'(

You can see my umbrella some details here...


My lovely Rainbow raincoat (rainception -__-")

Bonus gif !!!!


Jumat, 19 Juli 2013


This day is really beautiful , but  sometimes is bad too.. like my story, i feel so envy in mean, i'm jealous.
I think it isn't fair!
I swear i want will be a doctor
I swear i want will make my parents pleased
I swear i want will see my parents proud cause have me as their daughter
I love my beloved parents so so much. Yas, the parents who nurture me till like this

One day, i really wanted to scream very loud! Really loud... but, i can't
I just want to cry... cry a lot!! but too hard to do that :'(

I cry in dark
I cry in love with my own friend
I cry becuse i am not as pretty as her (i write this deeply)

My life, My day
when i cry i don't know why i often think that i like the rain..
I like Rain, because after the rain should come the rainbow  

I glanced out the window, i see drops of rain fullfill my window
so, i remove tears and go out

Walk in the rain.. Dance in the rain.. Sing in the rain  
That so funny :3

That why i should wear a raincoat

And... some details of this outfit

(coming soon) :P


Senin, 15 Juli 2013

Shorty hair

Suddenly, the idea just came to me to do creative with this. My hair is long i know.
Get bored with that. i'm trying to make a new model... haha #lol not new but something like fatamorgana (?)
The ideas came at night when i want to go to sleep. I change my top an tralla...  I found it is beautiful too if my hair is short

Let's <skip> this guys -__-"


Jumat, 05 Juli 2013

I guess i'm amatir



I am so excited because it was my first time to publish my daily outfit ayayayaya :DDD

i am lately love to browsing and stalking the fashion blog. Idk, i think it's gorgeous.

I am so shy!! ahaha 

Yes, it was my first post on my new blog that i made it right now too...
I know i can't buy a expensive branded things every day. But, whatever!!
i will post what i like to wear. I mean it's positive thinking, right?

some detail of my top

tiny detail

okay it's out of topic -__-"
Btw, my lovely mama make a beautiful braided applied on my hair... ugh! i really love it so so much :*
and i put some accessories on it. So check my mama's masterpiece : #LOL

You see?
I sorted my accessories from red until blue. (i don't have purple)
why? because i love rainbow so much... wait! uhmm... no,no,no

I love Rainbow really really so so much!! 

now, i think it's time to say good bye :D see ya on next post..