Jumat, 05 Juli 2013

I guess i'm amatir



I am so excited because it was my first time to publish my daily outfit ayayayaya :DDD

i am lately love to browsing and stalking the fashion blog. Idk, i think it's gorgeous.

I am so shy!! ahaha 

Yes, it was my first post on my new blog that i made it right now too...
I know i can't buy a expensive branded things every day. But, whatever!!
i will post what i like to wear. I mean it's positive thinking, right?

some detail of my top

tiny detail

okay it's out of topic -__-"
Btw, my lovely mama make a beautiful braided applied on my hair... ugh! i really love it so so much :*
and i put some accessories on it. So check my mama's masterpiece : #LOL

You see?
I sorted my accessories from red until blue. (i don't have purple)
why? because i love rainbow so much... wait! uhmm... no,no,no

I love Rainbow really really so so much!! 

now, i think it's time to say good bye :D see ya on next post..

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